About us

Hello and welcome to my online boutique! 

My name is Dena Musfer, I'm the founder of Levantinian; an online boutique that combines art, apparels and inspirational / Liberation quotes. 

My intention through my brand Levantinian is to give my community a taste of Palestine’s culture, heritage and resilience through Art, designs and quotes. In addition to that, some of my designs and writings on Instagram are often influenced by self growth and healing wisdom from my healing journey and experience as a mindset, spiritual and energy mentor. 

Business name:

Levantinian: Is symbolic to my roots. It refers to the historic Levant Area, which today is known as (Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon). 

Based in Burke, Virginia, U.S.A


About Me:

I was born in Jerusalem, raised in the west bank apartheid state. I lived most of my life in Palestine. I experienced living in an open air prison, daily oppression and witnessed the brutal treatment of my people. This was trauma that I never knew was called trauma and never thought of healing. Until I left Palestine after experiencing a severe traumatic experience and grief by losing my husband in a shocking accident. I then moved to the U.S where my mother and siblings have been residing for years. And my journey of self discovery, healing and experiencing life without apartheid began. 

Levantinian was birthed from all of that. It was my channel of expressing grief and pain through art, writing and creations. My journey then expanded into the “inner liberation” work, where my curiosity drove me to deeply study and explore how we operate as individuals mentally, emotionally and behaviorally. 

I look forward to see how the inner liberation, physical actions towards liberation and my love for Art will intertwine together in the future! 

To be continued… 

Thank you for visiting my page and business. 

Much love and light,  

Dena Musfer


Picture: Founder of Levantinian; Dena Musfer

 I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions, to make sure you are 100% satisfied by shopping here. Feel free to email us at d.musfer@gmail.com