Floral Ceramics Pali Bag - Hand painted Bag

Sale price $195.00 Regular price $250.00
Floral Ceramics Pali Bag - Hand painted Bag
Floral Ceramics Pali Bag - Hand painted Bag
Floral Ceramics Pali Bag - Hand painted Bag

Customized Hand painted bags
Painted by Dena; founder of Levantinian

My intention is to create pieces of art that represent your uniqueness, style, essence, personality, values, roots or what you believe in and stand for! 


1. please contact us either on Instagram @levantinian or by email (d.musfer@gmail.com) 

2. Check in availability for an order

3. Send your design (it can be any design of your choice, I will just make sure it’s within my skills & abilities to do it for you!) 

  • Price on this page is for the standard “Palestine” design. 
  • Other designs may cost more, based on size of design, complexity, size of bag (if one provided by Levantinian) 

Price depends on hours of work, quality/price of handbag (it takes hours of labor of love to do this kind of work, to have sustainability without burning out I charge a price that feels good for me to continue to do my work with passion not obligation. I believe art is not a necessity, it must be purchased with DESIRE & appreciation!) 


  • High quality waterproof leather paint is used 
  • High quality Faux Leather Bags (I purchase original brand names or good quality bags)
  • you can send me your own bag too

INTERNATIONAL Orders please email us to make a purchase at (d.musfer@gmail.com) to check price for shipping & availability to your destination 


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